Fred15’s Take on the Fall Hill Ave/Route 1 Intersection Redesign

What You Need To Know

VDOT has released a proposal to re-engineer the intersection of Fall Hill Avenue and Route 1. The project is an attempt to alleviate vehicle congestion along 2 roadways that frequently experience overflow traffic from I-95 and Route 3. This $7 million project, funded by VDOT, would add and extend turn lanes, substantially widen the intersection, and extend a concrete median by approximately 200 feet north along Route 1. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024. The project is based on a SmartScale funding application originally submitted by the City of Fredericksburg and approved in 2018.

On September 21, about 15 community members attended VDOT’s public hearing. Commenters expressed frustration over worsening traffic congestion in the area, but also expressed many concerns with several aspects of the proposed intersection design, including:

  • the proposal fails to provide crosswalk coverage at all 4 sides of the intersection
  • the proposal will invite more trucks and vehicles to use Fall Hill Avenue and cut through Normandy Village–a residential neighborhood– en route to Central Park and Celebrate Virginia
  • wider turning radii would allow vehicles to turn at higher speeds, greatly increasing riskto pedestrians
  • safety risks will fall disproportionately on students from James Monroe High School, which is located next to the intersection

VDOT is currently reviewing the proposal and is accepting public comment. Your opinion counts! You can submit a public comment by emailing Byrd Holloway, VDOT project manager at

Fred15’s Take: Traffic congestion is a major disruptor to quality of life to residents in this area of the City, but unfortunately the proposed intersection design prioritizes vehicle movement over the safety of people using the intersection. More can be done to improve the pedestrian environment without sacrificing the congestion-related benefits of this project. We think VDOT should modify the proposal accordingly:

  • Add full crosswalk coverage at the intersection
  • Narrow the radius of all turn lanes to provide traffic calming at the intersection
  • Prohibit thru trucks on Fall Hill Avenue between Route 1 and Mary Washington Blvd.
  • Use the cost-savings from the tighter turn lanes to extend sidewalks and remove curbcuts along Route 1 north to Charles Street

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