Call to Action: Support the Kensington-Twin Lakes Pathway

This photo of the “desire path” along Lafayette Boulevard shows the urgent need for better pedestrian and bike infrastructure along the corridor.

Late last year, Fred15 member Alex Capshaw-Taylor blogged about the progress on the City of Fredericksburg’s proposed Kensington-Twin Lakes connector path. This 1,500-foot long, 10-foot wide protected multi-use path is the next phase of a trail network that will connect the communities along Lafayette Boulevard to amenities such as downtown Fredericksburg, the VCR Trail, local businesses and numerous schools and parks.

Unfortunately, despite being fully funded since 2019 and enjoying the support of City leadership and local residents, this project has experienced numerous delays. We think it’s time to remind VDOT and City Council that there is a constituency for improved bike and pedestrian infrastructure along Lafayette Boulevard.

If you support improved bike and pedestrian facilities along Lafayette Boulevard, please email VDOT Project Manager Anastasia Kapitan and City Councilor Tim Duffy . Tell Anastasia and Tim that you support the Kensington-Twin Lakes Pathway and that VDOT should move forward and construct the path without delay.

If you would care to share with her your own personal experience of being a pedestrian or cyclist in the Lafayette corridor, and what the new pathway would mean to you in your own life, then please do; such personal stories can be incredibly powerful in moving projects forward.

Here are a few reasons why we think this pathway is so important:

  • Lack of investment in bike and pedestrian infrastructure along Lafayette Boulevard has kept its residents disconnected from amenities such as businesses, parks and schools

  • Well-beaten paths along the roadside prove that many residents already travel along Lafayette Boulevard by foot and by bike, despite the lack of pathways

  • A path would provide residents with alternatives to driving when Lafayette Boulevard becomes congested

  • Increased foot and bike traffic helps support local businesses along Lafayette Boulevard

Map of the Kensington-Twin Lakes Pathway Extension

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